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Who Am I?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Short & Sweet Intro

I genuinely hate this question but I wouldn't read anyone's work for leisure without a proper introduction, so here we are. My name is Monteyona. My personal page Instagram page is @purplemeadow.s (feel free to follow lol). But, I'm a 21 (almost 22; I'm a Gemini!) year old black woman based in North Carolina. I currently attend Western Carolina University double majoring in Philosophy and Sociology. I was a film minor for a while (which sparked my interest in cinematography) but unfortunately I had to drop it. Anyhow, my educational career is very important to me. I love what I am currently studying and cannot wait to obtain my degrees!


Importance of my Education

Many people don't have any idea what philosophy is or what philosophers even do, I'm gonna break it down: WE JUST THINK AND DEBATE ALL THE TIME! No matter what the topic is; morals, social issues, love, the arts, etc. I found this major when I was lost in terms of my education about 2 years ago and it's been good to me ever since. As for my other degree path, sociology is just the study of society. Being a double "negative" in America (being black and a woman), I feel like it's important to understand the way society functions in order to claim what's rightfully yours. Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering "What kind of job is she going to get?" or "What career is she pursuing?" and honestly, I don't have an answer to either one of those questions. But, I do have ideas about what my career path could entail and the possibilities are endless. I gave up stressing about my career path (which another blog post in itself) because I know what I want my life to look like in the future and there's no way I'll allow myself to NOT be great or successful in whatever I do. As far as my content goes, my academic career has heavily influenced what I will touch basis on. Aside from that, music is one of my passions. I love it. I know I have an ear for it, so I wanted to create a platform that is celebratory for the artist I have love for.


Who am I doing this for and why?

Since I am I black woman, most of my content will appeal to them but that does not mean this platform is just for us. At the end of the day, everyone is welcome. I encourage everyone; no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or age, to engage with my content. I want to build a community where people from various backgrounds can share ideas and bond over common interest through culture.

My uncertainty about what I want to do in life is what led me to create this blog as well. I've been thinking about a career that focuses on writing and this blog will allow me to get a taste for what I could create if I did it for fun because at the end of the day, I want this to be extremely raw but fun.

Also, I personally haven't found anyone doing what I plan on doing and that's why I know this is going to be so unique because I can finally create what I've been looking for from others all this time. I can't wait to see how this goes because this is for US! Feel free to reach out to me anytime regarding any of my blog posts.

Happy reading!

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