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Music Monday: TeaMarrr Edition

Chasing Amy


Tea's Background

I've been putting off writing this post for so long because I'm that excited about it. But, let me introduce you guys to TeaMarrr. She's a Haitian-American L.A. based R&B artist. The first time I heard her music was back in November of 2019. Issa Rae posted a snippet/clip of TeaMarr's Kinda Love music video so I checked it out immediately. If you watch Issa's series on HBO, Insecure, you'd know that her taste in music is amazing so I had no doubt that TeaMarrr's sound would quickly become a favorite of mine. From that moment on, I've been a huge fan. Currently my favorite song by her is Chasing Amy. She dropped the music video for this song on May 29th of this year and I'm obsessed with it. So, this post is going to be dedicated to analyzing the Chasing Amy video. Before I jump in, if you haven't seen the video already (or even if you have), click the video below to check it out:

Summary of Video

So, the video starts with Tea swiping right on Casey (played by Broderick Hunter). They start to get to knowing each other and they hit it off really well because the communication is A-1. Things continue to go well which inspires Casey to ask Tea why she's single. Tea responds in a very descriptive way if you listen to the song. Casey clearly expresses his like for Tea and sis has officially started geeking over him because she's fucking with his energy heavily. She then realizes that she didn't ask Casey why he was single. She finally asks and he responds with "I'm hard to love.". Tea notes it and continues to vibe with Casey until he starts to act really distant. Tea starts to question every interaction she has with him because she doesn't want to say anything that could possibly scare Casey away. Hence, why she keeps saying in the song "Are you sure about me?".

She keeps repeating that line because even though Casey made it very clear that he likes her, she doesn't want to get her hopes up but it's a little too late because she's asking for reassurance all the time. Her asking becomes more frequent in the song because his actions aren't aligning with what he said and she's been hurt before. Tea finally snaps towards the end of the video because she feels that Casey isn't living up to his word and this is potentially another talking/getting to know you stage gone to waste. In the song, Tea continues to make it know that she has personal issues and people playing with her emotions triggers her. She then continues to ask the question "are you sure about me?" because if Casey is sure, she's willing to be committed to him. It ends with Casey finally hitting Tea back and their story continues.

Video Analysis

Listen, this song and video clearly show what a lot of us go through when getting to know someone new on a romantic level. I was so happy that she executed this flawlessly because watching the video gave me a different perspective on this stage/situation. What stood out to me the most was the ending of the video because even though Tea's feelings are valid, she looks psycho for being pressed over this guy she just started talking to. I say her feelings are valid because she had every right to be excited over this new connection and question this guys intentions because it could all be so simple if people just say what they want from the jump of things. Expressing your intentions and what you will & won't tolerate at the beginning of something new gives no room for confusion or a gray area.

Even though this song is from Tea's perspective, I wish we would've got to see what Casey felt. It was clear that he liked Tea's energy but there was something that made him hesitant/distant when she began asking him questions about himself. I don't have that many guy friends, so if men are reading this please comment what you think was going through Casey's head when he started to pull away from Tea. I'm really interested in getting some feedback about that. I have some ideas, one being that he went through some heavy things in a previous relationship. He could also be just as scared as Tea but didn't know how to communicate that to her or thought it was too early to be so vulnerable.

More about TeaMarrr

Please feel free to drop your interpretations of the video in the comment section. I would love to start engaging with you guys more. In regards to TeaMarrr and her music, she just dropped an album called Before I Spill Myself on May 29th available on all music platforms.I HIGHLY recommend everyone to check it out. You won't regret doing so at all. Her Instagram is @imaliltcup and her Twitter is the same. TeaMarrr recently signed to Issa Rae's music label The Raedio so a lot of her music is featured in Issa's series Insecure. Speaking of Insecure, be sure to be on the look out for my blog post titled Lowkey Growth dropping 7/22.

Happy Listening!

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